Andrew presenting a CeASR Seminar on affordances, Weds Oct 19th 2016

All welcome – book here.

Affordances: What They Are and How to Science Them

Cognition and Behaviour Programme
Affordances are action relevant properties of the environment – not ‘that cup is 15cm away’ but ‘that cup is reachable by me using my arm’. The ecological approach proposes that we perceive these properties quite directly, which means that we need a way to study them properly in order to understand how perception and action works.

In this talk I’ll introduce affordances, introduce the idea of task dynamics as the way to science them and explain the whole package with reference to my research on long distance throwing. I’ll focus on a research project (Wilson et al, 2016) about the throwing affordances of prehistoric objects and talk a little about some upcoming work.

All welcome
Refreshments available from 11am

NB slides and a recording of the talk should be available online afterwards!