Lab Meeting 6/3/17 – Calvin (1983), on throwing and language

Calvin, W. H. (1983). A stone’s throw and its launch window: Timing precision and its implications for language and hominid brains. Journal of theoretical Biology, 104(1), 121-135.


Lab Meeting 6/2/17; Liu et al (2012), Self Organised Criticality in Learning

This paper shows learners self-organising their training so as to succeed around 50% of the time, which also happens to show up as an optimal rate of feedback. I’ve seen some evidence of this poking around in my coordinated rhythmic movement data and I’m now looking for it on purpose with Dan

Liu, Y. T., Luo, Z. Y., Mayer-Kress, G., & Newell, K. M. (2012). Self-organized criticality and learning a new coordination task. Human Movement Science, 31(1), 40-54.