CIA Lab Meeting 15/10/18 – Jacobs & Michaels, 2007, Direct learning

This paper is becoming a thing we’d very much like to use and test in our research on coordination and speech, so we are getting into it again.

Jacobs, D. M., & Michaels, C. F. (2007). Direct learning. Ecological psychology, 19(4), 321-349.


CIA Lab Meeting Mon 8/10/18 – UCM and archery

Lab meetings have started back up and we are now in Headingley most weeks with our new friends at Carnegie Sports from the Biomechanics group.

This week we are reading

Serrien, B., Witterzeel, E., & Baeyens, J. P. (2018). The Uncontrolled Manifold Concept Reveals That the Structure of Postural Control in Recurve Archery Shooting Is Related to Accuracy. Journal of Functional Morphology and Kinesiology, 3(3), 48.