CIA Lab Meeting 19/09/16; Tallet et al (2008)

Tallet, J., Kostrubiec, V., & Zanone, P. G. (2008). The role of stability in the dynamics of learning, memorizing, and forgetting new coordination patterns.Journal of Motor Behavior, 40(2), 103-116.


CIA Lab Meeting 12/9/16 – Iskarous (2010) on the information for articulatory gestures

Iskarous, K. (2010). Vowel constrictions are recoverable from formants. Journal of phonetics, 38(3), 375-387.

This (very technical) paper is a proof-of-concept, foot in the door paper that demonstrates that with the right mathematical description of the speech articulators, there can be specifying acoustic information about vowel production. This means ecological theories like Fowler’s notion of speech perception being about speech gestures is possible.