CIA Lab Meeting 22/01/18 – Saltzman et al (2006) on UCM and speech production

Saltzman, E., Kubo, M., & Tsao, C. C. (2006). Controlled variables, the uncontrolled manifold method, and the task-dynamic model of speech production. Dynamics of speech production and perception, 21-31.


CIA Lab Meeting 4/12/17 – Huys et al (2005), eye movements in coordinated rhythmic movement

Huys, R., Williams, A. M., & Beek, P. J. (2005). Visual perception and gaze control in judging versus producing phase relations. Human movement science24(3), 403-428.


CIA Lab Meeting 23/10/17 – Jacobs & Michaels (2007), Direct Learning

Jacobs, D. M., & Michaels, C. F. (2007). Direct learning. Ecological psychology, 19(4), 321-349. 


CIA Lab Meeting 16/10/17 – Wilson & Bingham (2008) & perturbation studies to study information

This week we’re reading

Wilson, A. D., & Bingham, G. P. (2008). Identifying the information for the visual perception of relative phase. Perception & Psychophysics, 70(3), 465-476

For some additional context, I blogged the paper here and I have a more general post about what I mean by perturbation studies here.


CIA Lab Meeting 9/10/17 – Ramanarayanan et al (2016), A New Model of Speech Motor Control Based on Task Dynamics and State Feedback

Ramanarayanan, V., Parrell, B., Goldstein, L., Nagarajan, S., & Houde, J. (2016). A New Model of Speech Motor Control Based on Task Dynamics and State Feedback. In INTERSPEECH (pp. 3564-3568).


CIA Lab Meeting 2/9/17 – Smeets et al, Throwing darts – timing is not the limiting factor

Smeets, J. B., Frens, M. A., & Brenner, E. (2002). Throwing darts: timing is not the limiting factor. Experimental Brain Research144(2), 268-274.