Lab Meeting 9/5/16 Bunton (2008), Speech vs Non Speech

Bunton, K. (2008, November). Speech versus nonspeech: Different tasks, different neural organization. In Seminars in speech and language (Vol. 29, No. 4, p. 267). NIH Public Access.


Lab meeting 18/4/16: The shrunken finger illusion paper

Ed Yong covered a new paper in Cell on an illusory effect where if you put your finger inside a hemisphere that from your point of view looks like a sphere, you feel your finger is shorter, as if it was touching the outside of the sphere you think you are looking at. I want to replicate and play with this with students next year, so let’s read the paper!

Ekroll, V., Sayim, B., Van der Hallen, R., & Wagemans, J. (2016). Illusory Visual Completion of an Object’s Invisible Backside Can Make Your Finger Feel Shorter. Current Biology.