1st Annual Cognitive Archaeology Workshop, 26/05/17

Today we will all be hosting the 1st Annual (we hope!) Cognitive Archaeology Workshop at Leeds Beckett University.

Following on from Andrew’s recent paper the team is developing several grants and projects around the affordances of throwing in modern and prehistoric times. This workshop is an opportunity for us to all be in the same room for a change, bring each other up to speed on our interests and skills and work on the details of our new collaboration.

Attendees include Andrew, Sabrina and our students Agnes, Dan and Michael; archaeologists Larry Barham and Ian Stanistreet from the University of Liverpool and some of their students; sports scientist Tim Bennett from Carnegie School of Sports; and engineer Ray Holt from the University of Leeds. This is the team needed to do this work properly and it’s going to be a great day!


Anna to present at Creativity Cluster Workshop on Jun 20 (Keble College, University of Oxford)

Anna will present a talk on The Neuroscience of Creative Cognition at the one-day Creativity Cluster Workshop on “Form-making, thinking, and the creative process” taking place on June 20, 2015 at Keble College (University of Oxford).

It features seven lectures from different disciplines on the material, cognitive/biological, ecological, and social dimensions of the creative process.​ Further details on the event available here.

If you like to know more about what the event was like, email Anna.