Professor post at Leeds Beckett Psychology

We are advertising for a new Professor to strengthen and consolidate one of a few areas in our group. The ad is here (if this link is broken for any reason, go here and search for ‘Psychology’). The deadline is the 11th January, 2016.

The post is open but the group is especially looking for a Professor in Health or Cognitive psychology. These are the two existing areas of research strength in the group that need senior representation and specific leadership.

Our interests are obviously in the cognitive theme! What we need is a research active experimental cognitive psychologist who can help us develop, articulate and implement a strategy for making experimental psychology a key part of the research here. We have a good critical mass of individuals doing cognitive/biological work (Andrew, Sabrina, Anna, plus Kata Pauly-Takacs, Therese Shepard, Zoe Kolokotroni, Danielle Selby and others) and we are all developing our own research and helping each other out as we go. We need someone to help make us a strong research presence in the University and to represent our interests to management. Good experience in applying for and getting funding would help too, as we could all use both the mentoring and an informed critical eye on our funding applications.

If you are an experimental psychologist and would like to help create something exciting here, get in touch! Prof. Brendan Gough is the primary contact, but you are always welcome to email any of us as well (Andrew, Sabrina, Anna).

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