Andrew and Sabrina talking embodied cognition in practice Weds June 3rd, York St John

We will be giving a talk to an audience of psychologists and clinicians about embodied cognition, and chatting about ways to apply the methods we use to more practical settings. We will be talking somewhere in the De Grey Court building of York St John at 12pm.


Embodied cognition is the hypothesis that our behaviour depends on more than just the brain. Our environments offer many opportunities for action (e.g. affordances, c.f. Gibson, 1979) and we can perceive these opportunities via the rich information we are embedded within. In this account, brains become important players in a more extended system, and a full understanding of any behaviour needs to describe the roles played by the world, perception of that world and then the brain.

We will briefly review the details of this new science of cognition and behaviour (as laid out in Wilson & Golonka, 2013) and discuss the profound ramifications of the embodied approach for how we study behaviour. We will then sketch out some ways that this new approach might inform practise, as a way to begin a discussion with the audience about how to take these connections forwards.

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