Anna giving talk in Surrey 24th March 2015

Anna is giving a seminar entitled ‘Creative Conceptual Expansion: Behavioural and Brain Function’ to the Psychology group at the University of Surrey. Details here.


When attempting to uncover the brain basis of creativity, the first choice one is faced with is to settle on which empirical approach to adopt. The dominant approach involves assessing creativity as a unitary construct. The alternative approach takes a multidimensional view of creativity and evaluates the mechanisms underlying different mental operations involved in creative thinking. The process of conceptual expansion is among the most widely investigated mental operations within this latter approach. This talk will showcase behavioural (e.g., with reference to personality variables such as schizotypy) as well as brain based evidence (e.g., using fMRI and EEG) related to conceptual expansion. The underlying information processing mechanisms will be explored by contrasting it with findings on related creative cognitive operations.

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